Contracting Crops buying from primary crop farmers

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At the beginning of every year, we start contracting that year’s yield with farmers, therefore making a future market for crop farmers more secure throughout the year. 

We are able to supply them with all the necessary material they need for an agricultural season, and we leave them an option to pay for it in cash, or to decide whether they prefer to pay it after they deliver the goods, based on either material or financial value.

What we normally supply our farmers with is:
-    Seeds
-    Mineral fertilizers
-    Foliar nourishment fertilizers
-    Plant protection program

All these inputs come to our farmers from the most renowned and well recognized world class names in the business, either domestic or foreign.

All our cooperates can contract their harvest with us, for one or more of the following crops:
-    Barley
-    Rape oilseed
-    Wheat
-    Sunflower
-    Soya
-    Corn