Silo-port Beocin

Company „Agrogrnja“ as integrator in agriculture production from 2016. attached to their core business new services in port Beocin:
- loading / unloading grains and oilseeds into barge video
- drying and storage of grains and oilseeds
- loading / unloading cargoes as per user request video

Additional photos of Silo-port and loading/unloading facilities you can find in this

Silo storage capacity is cca. 24.000 tonns based on grains. Dryer capacity is 1.000 tonns / day.
Transload of grains and oilseeds into barges can be performed as follows:
- loading at Agrogrnja terminal (silo)
- loading at Lafarge terminal (belt transporter)
- loading / unloading at Lafarge terminal (crane)
- loading at Lafarge terminal (hopper)

Service user in port Beocin can be sure that his goods will be loaded / unload at one of the above mention way. With this we, as a service render, minimize risk of delaing of agreed services wich could be influenced by weather conditions, more user in the same time, mechanical problems, administrative restrictions...and as a final result we have a satisfied service user.

In Beocin port, port services are FREE! Water, electricity and wifi are FREE of charge!

About Silo-port

Backi Petrovac-based Agrogrnja started in January 2015 in Beocin construction of silo, next to a river port, with the capacity of 30.000 cubic (app. 24.000 t), with complete equipment which includes the reception, storage, handling and drying of grain crops.

Silo-port was built on a lot of 2 hectares, which Agrogrnja bought near business park of Lafarge BFC, where after completion of the first stage, i.e. putting silo near the river port into operations, is planning to build 70,000 cubic meters of storage space more after which this will be the biggest silo port on the Rhine-Mein-the Danube.

At the same time, the construction of a modern silo-port which has the latest technology of storage of grains and oilseeds shortens and improves storage processes a lot, reduces energy costs and contributes to revival of agricultural production on the territory of Backa and Srem and beyond.

Agrogrnja new silo-port will enable direct export of mercantile goods to foreign markets, so another port or reloading places in Serbia will not have to be used. Utility reloading in ships, as well as providing services of storage of goods in silo-port will also significantly contribute to revenues which Agrogrnja will generate in the future.

Silo-port was officialy opened on 14th April 2016. Photos from opening you can find in this links: Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 and Gallery 4.

Additional information about the project:

- Built silo have a total of 12 cells, 1 cell of silo is 2,432 m3 x 12 pieces = 30.000 m3 (actually 29.184 + 570 m3 buffer cells).
- A total of 448 pieces of piles were solved.
- Piles contain 109.150 kg of reinforcement and 1.182 m3 concrete.
- Foundation contains a total of 360.823,26 kg of reinforcement and 3.939 m3 of concrete which is with piles concrete 5.121 m3 i.e. piles reinforcement 469 t.
-Steel frame of canopy hopper and mechanical house 124,536.20 kg of steel was built in it.