Marketing Strategy:

One of the most important business orientations of Agrogrnja ltd is investing into marketing and propaganda, with the goal to achieve stable market position in the long term.

Therefore, besides the proven quality, we offer to all of our business partners and distributors an adequate marketing support as well.

In order to achieve better positioning, we brand our point of sales.  In front of each store or office, we erect well recognizable table signs and road signs.  All salesmen and distributors of our products are regularly supplied with printed materials (flyers, posters, etc).

In the harvesting season, we also use radio campaigns a lot.

Finally, Agrogrnja uses local and international fairs to present itself and its portfolio regularly, and among these events, the most important one is of course, the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.  In order to be well presented, we prepare our staff and undertake all the necessary steps in order to achieve a competitive advantage at these events too.