About Us

Founding of Agrogrnja ltd

Agrogrnja ltd has been founded in 1996 in Pivnice, a small village in the heart of Vojvodina, region with the most fertile soil in this part of Europe.  Over the last decades we have grown from the small animal feed production family owned company named "Pivnički koncentrati" , into what is nowadays a respectable company that uses the world class standards in doing business. 

The founder and owner of Agrogrnja is Janko Grnja.

In 2010 Agrogrnja has become the authorized Public warehouse, listed at the Compensation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, and by getting this title, our silo in Ada has become the first silo in Serbia which has gained this license.


In accordance with the needs, we have used our development policy to set up a potential that we consider as a “must” for every company that wants to grow. Our environment and its potential were helpful in defining this....

Product Quality and Safety Policy

Over the last decades, Agrogrnja has built a respectable brand in trading crops, based on the high quality and product safety. ...

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision are adjusted to our employees, suppliers and business partners...