Drying and Warehousing of Grains and Oilseeds

We stock and dry our goods in line with the most modern technologies. Safety and health protection is the absolute priority in this part of our business process.

Drying grains and oil seeds assumes that moisture of the kernel is brought down to its optimal value, optimal in a silo warehousing sense. Moisture within the kernel causes high losses during the warehousing. Either due to the danger of self-ignition of kernels in a silo, or due to the yeast expansion, or due to the larger consumption of energy used for drying , high and uneven moisture content is always problematic.

With our regulation system, our customers get a product of leveled moisture content, not too burdened by energy costs arising from the drying operations. Also, we care a lot in order not to cause to many broken kernels per volume unit, which is an occurrence that often happens while grains or oil seeds are reloaded from one silo to another.   

Drying process is taking place at Silo-port in Beocin and in Ada, where we own and operate a modern drying chambers.